Steyr .308 Scout Rifle

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Steyr .308 Scout Rifle

Postby D5CAV » Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:34 am

Between work, travel (also work), and other stuff, I haven't had any range days for almost a year. Finally got to the range to see which rifles still shot where I thought they did & sight in some new optics.

Steyr .308 Scout Rifle. I've had this rifle for awhile. I got it shortly after meeting the master himself, drinking the kool-aid and buying the rifle (scout rig & all). He passed away a few years ago, so do the math.

Things I liked:
- Ergonomics are well thought out. The rifle is light, handy and points well.
- Trigger is exceptionally nice for an 'out of the box' trigger.
- 3 point "Ching Sling". Why didn't someone think of this before! Very quick & handy sling. I need to get some more of these & fit side swivels on my favorite hunting rifles.
- good accuracy

Things I didn't like:
- Scout scope. It felt like looking through a toilet paper roll. I shoot with both eyes open. I like low power scopes. With a low power glass with good eye relief (3" + with Zeiss), I have both eyes focused to infinity. With the scout scope, I'm focused on the scope. It didn't work for me.
- Tubular receiver. Everyone seems to make them these days. I can't get my fat fingers into the little recevier slot to deal with sticky cases, misfeeds, etc.
- Long rail. Yes, I know it so you can mount the scout scope, but it means using a high scope mount to mount anything with a bell more than 35mm.

Anyway, I took off the scout scope & the rifle sat in my safe for a few years. I tried different scopes on it, but most ended up mounting too high for my taste.

Earlier this year, I picked up a Zeiss Conquest 4x32 on sale. That too, sat in my safe for awhile. This week, I finally had some time to look at scopes, look at rifles & look at mounts.

The Zeiss, with it's 32mm bell, fit on the Scout rifle with medium rings, which made for a nice, natural mount. The 4x power was a little higher than I wanted, but it didn't feel too bad when I looked through it. Took it to the range & got it on zero with a half dozen shots, then played with it from various positions with the Ching Sling.

It felt good. I need to play with it in low light before I try it on my next hunt.
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