Rat bastard sonsa bitches

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Rat bastard sonsa bitches

Postby Steamforger » Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:23 am

Got a letter from my friendly version of HR today. The letter briefly ran down my part of a data breach from 2014 and essentially listed the damage.

Name, DOB, SSN, address, place of birth, residency, educational history, employment history, personal foreign travel history, info about immediate family, business and personal acquaintances and "other information" from my background investigations.

Oh, and a nice, clean, set of my prints.

It's not helpful to know the current acting director "shares my frustration" or that they'll provide 3 years of credit monitoring services free of charge. Also not helpful is that any use for my prints might be "limited" or that they'll let me know if that changes. I might suggest they get in touch with BUPERS for the USN Post-USS Iowa DNA collection effort and some stool samples I had to give up in boot.

Why half ass it??? :evil:

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Re: Rat bastard sonsa bitches

Postby Netpackrat » Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:38 am

Meanwhile, folks seem to be excited about what a great idea Silencer Shop's new fingerprint kiosk system is...


You just load your fingerprints and personal info, and possibly even your trust docs into their system, and they will even store it for you for future applications! Doesn't that sound convenient? :roll:
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