"Checklist" program

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"Checklist" program

Postby Rich Jordan » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:25 pm

My company just picked up a client that has ridiculously complex new user setup, onboarding, etc requirements. THe new user setup doc is over 50 pages and growing; it can take a tech 60-90 minutes to go through all the minutia, and it is far too easy to miss a step along the way.

Does anyone here know of a 'checklist' program, app, or web app/browser based application that provides the framework for a checklist that has the ability to check the checklist for completion? Ideally web-based but a windows app will do if that is the only option. I'm assuming an app that provides the skeleton/framework that we can fill in with the specific data to provide a formal usable checklist.

What I'd like to do is have a front page checklist where you fill in the basic info (user's name, username, email, password, department, manager, approving manager, approving uber-manager, etc), each with a checkbox, plus a checkbox list for each of the applications and services that user could be given access to or accounts for.

All the fields should be selectable as 'mandatory' or optional, and mandatory fields all have to be filled and checkmarked before the page is accepted (even if it just says 'this page ok' and 'entire checklist status" Incomplete/complete/etc) at the bottom; this is for the tech going through the steps, and it doesn't need to actually 'apply' the information; the tech is doing that separately).

Then for the application/services checks, each would have its own sub-page with all the required and optional items for that app/service and a checkbox for each (again, mandatory and optional) including level of access, account name/password for that service (outside services not tied into AD), approving manager, approving uber manager (often different from the managers that approved the actual user's new account). Again, all mandatory fields need to be filled/checked. Optional fields _may_ then activate another sub-page with the same kind of requirements. I don't think we need to go down a third level (yet but given this company's incredible bureaucracy it would not surprise).

The tech gets a green light only when everything that has come up as mandatory (overall or based on the selection of optional packages) have all been filled or checked off.

I've been searching and keep running into project planning applications or iPad apps (which we can't use, at least now but at least seem to be possibilities based on their descriptions). I no longer have the skills (on company preferred platforms) or time to write up an application like that (and if I did it would be on VMS, which nobody else here would use).

Thanks for any suggestions/ideas.

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Re: "Checklist" program

Postby Greg » Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:33 pm

Nope. Only ever seen paper forms/checklists.

If you could get it to integrate with change control/trouble ticketing systems, you'd really have something.
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Re: "Checklist" program

Postby BDK » Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:51 pm

We use Wunderlist. It's close to what you are describing, I think

There's a similar program for FFLs and distillers to ensure compliance w ATF forms, but I think you've found a marketplace need...

Make it android based and easily customized, and I could see all manner of companies wanting to use it.

I could use it for recipes/start-up/shut down, but do not make it dependent on being connected to the Internet.

If anything, we are walking as much off from that as possible.

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Re: "Checklist" program

Postby BobbyK » Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:13 am


You've pretty much described the $SideProject that I've been building the last couple of months. Checklisting and troubleshooting workflows with conditional logic, integrated into the a couple of Professional Services Automation solutions.

Unfortunately, I'm not ready to release the damned thing.


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