10 key data entry.

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10 key data entry.

Postby toad » Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:15 am

My regular typing speed is on the slow side but I got up to average for 10 Key data entry of routing and account numbers.
I was wondering if there are any 10 key data entry jobs left or has it all gone over to character recognition soft ware. I'm trying to find something part time to pay down medical bills and get a car to take me to the longer rifle ranges.
My other option depending on my health, is considering that since kids irritate me, I really despise political correctness, and I'm grumpy all the time, is that I should take the TExAS CAT tests for teacher certificates and become a middle school math teacher. "Listen snow flake, I could care less if you learn anything in school, when you get a job they'll retrain you to do it their way anyway."
Oh look a pet sitting job, they want someone to domicile and take care of their dog "Snickers."
'How was Snickers?","Urp, delicious."

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